Learn About Titled Property in Costa Rica

Part 1 of 3 - Buying and owning property in Costa Rica or any  foreign country can be a confusing and intimidating   process. The desire to make good decisions isn’t  enough. You have to educate yourself along the way.

Buying Osa Peninsula Beach Property

Facts about Buying and Owning Beach Property

Part 2 of 3 - Costa Rica’s beach lands are governed under special circumstances which are  much different than titled property, the corresponding law spelling things out  clearly although there is plenty of disinformation spread around this subject  which is confusing.

Closing a real estate deall

Closing and the Process of Settlement

Part 3 of 3 - Ok, so you found the property you want and have negotiated a price with the help of your agent. During this process you will need to engage with a good lawyer. One that speaks your language.

Top 10 Mistakes Property Buyers Make in Costa Rica

Top 10 mistakes property buyers make in Costa Rica It’s a jungle out there! So how do I find my way and not get lost? Learn from other’s mistakes so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare. It’s always amazed me how many foreigners come to Costa Rica and lose their senses, doing things they would never even consider back home. It’s like being spellbound, enamored with the stunning landscape,...

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